CAS ETH in Cyber Security


Cyber security can be understood as an umbrella term for a wide range of different topics. Starting with cryptography as a mathematical discipline, ranging over basically all computer science relevant fields, it spans over to psychology (e.g. social engineering) and legal aspects (e.g. privacy) to political aspects like a governmental cyber security policy.

The CAS ETH in Cyber Security follows an interdisciplinary approach and covers technical aspects of cyber security on the one hand, policy or strategic aspects of the topic on the other hand. The programme comprises of three modules designed specifically for the CAS ETH in Cyber Security.


The main goal of the CAS is to introduce the fundamentals of modern information security. Attendees of the programme gain a solid basis to understand today’s challenges and problems associated with cyber security.

Target audience

The target audience for the course are professionals, not necessarily with a strong background in computer science, working in a position, where they need a basic understanding of technical as well as more policy or strategy related aspects of cyber security.

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