DAS ETH in Data Science


The DAS ETH in Data Science focuses on the management, analysis and utilisation of large and complex data sets.
The interdisciplinary programme conveys knowledge across the fields of mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering. This includes all levels of abstraction of technologies relevant to data science, from hardware and electronics, clusters and networks, through big data systems, to machine learning, algorithms and statistics.
The powerful capabilities of data science will dramatically shape our future. The DAS programme therefore also offers insights into political, societal, legal, ethical and privacy aspects of data science.
The DAS programme contains foundations courses, flexibility of specialisation in advanced topics and a capstone project, which provides hands-on experience.


The participants are taught how to understand and use complex data management (storage, querying, infrastructures, networks etc.) and analysis techniques (machine learning, statistics etc.) in order to utilise them in a broad range of applications.

Target audience

The target audience for the DAS ETH in Data Science are professionals with a strong background in computer science or mathematics who wish to obtain an in-depth knowledge in data science. In particular, this includes engineers and executive staff members from the industry or the public sector who need in-depth knowledge in data science.

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