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Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple… four companies which have become true industrial giants in less than twenty years, and pioneers of a new economy known as GAFAnomics. These companies, which are built on a network organisation, are profoundly redefining the mechanisms of value creation and growth in the 21st century. But what stage of maturity has this economy reached? What are the secrets of success behind this new business style? How can traditional companies make a place for themselves in this new economy? Unicorns, success strategies, innovation superpowers… In this course, you’ll discover the secrets behind GAFA’s success, and you’ll learn how to apply them in your company strategy.


At the end of this level, you will be able to: Understand the key success factors common to the Web Giants

  • Understanding the scope and maturity of the GAFA economy
  • Decoding the links between GAFA and new startups

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