Introduction to IoT - Cisco Networking Academy - (FREE)


Students learn about the Internet of Things and how it enables the Digital Transformation along with emerging technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence and the increased attention to cybersecurity. The course also introduces the importance of the new Intent Based Networking that uses a software-driven approach and machine learning to be able to connect and secure tens of billions of new devices with ease.


Student will have a comprehensive view of  how these emerging technologies are shaping the digital business. They also have the opportunity to explore career opportunities in this new landscape.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the meaning and impact of Digital Transformation.  
  • Apply basic programming to support IoT devices.    
  • Explain how data provides value to Digital Business and Society. 
  • Explain the benefits of automation in the digitized world.
  • Explain the need for enhanced security in the digitized world.
  • Discover opportunities provided by digital transformation.

Target audience

  • Secondary
  • Vocational
  • 2-year College
  • General audience

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