Workshop Data Mining for Managers


In this workshop for people without technical background we learn about topics like correlation vs causation, clustering, Self Organizing Maps and dimension reduction. We learn in which cases it makes sense to use which methods and what the strengths and weaknesses of the different algorithms are. The theory part consists of a series of 2D and 3D computer games (developed exclusively for this course!) which allow us to teach the essential concepts, terms and algorithms in a playful way. Each algorithm is first explained using slides (with a strong focus on understanding fundamental concepts) and afterwards explored using a viszualizing game. This method helps to build a solid understanding of concepts and a strong intuition.


With the ever increasing computing power and memory capacity of computers, larger amounts of data are collected in companies every year. The ability to search in this data („the new gold“) for patterns and insight has become most imporant. To be able to interpret the results of the machine learning algorithms used in data mining, it is necessary to understand them at a basic level. In this workshop we learn in a playful way how the most commonly used algorithms work.

Target audience

  • Managers
  • People without technical background

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