50 Things You Need to Know About the Internet


This introductory course by EPFL Extension School is designed to provide you with solid, basic knowledge of the tools and technologies that are used to build modern web and mobile applications.

Course Details

  • First Steps: Create a Web Page
  • Basic Concepts: How the Web Works and How to Work on the Web
  • Displaying Data: HTML
  • Styling Data: CSS
  • Interacting with Data: JavaScript
  • Storing and Retrieving Data: Databases
  • Behind the Scenes: "Back End" Web Development
  • Tracking and Privacy
  • Networks, Encryption and Getting Remote Data
  • Internet and Society


By the end of the course, you'll have built a multi-page web site from scratch. You'll also understand a wide variety of terms and techniques used by software engineers to develop web sites and other internet-based applications, making you better able to contribute to technical discussions about features and functions used across a range of platforms and devices.

Target audience

This course is taught at theĀ beginner level.

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