Angular Frontend-Development


Angular Training in Zürich or Basel Switzerland as well as at your location for your team. Get started in modern multi-platform Frontend development with Angular. As a core-strategy in the World's largest internet companies, Angular is growing into the go-to Frontend framework. Be ready to use its power!

We build example projects step by step which each participant completes with the all necessary support. 


  • Basic knowledge of TypeScript as an "addition" to JavaScript

  • Step-by-step design and development of an app 

  • Angular design and concepts

    • Components

    • Directives

    • Modules

    • Input/Output

    • Events

    • Attributes

    • Models

    • Two-Way Binding

    • Dependency Injection

    • Forms

    • Routing

    • Templates

    • Styling

    • Providers (Services)

    • Observables (Promises)

    • HTTP

  • Angular Material Design

  • Debugging with Angular Tools

  • Automated Testing

  • Connection to a Backend service

  • Module-system and Loaders (import/export)

  • Frontend Build Toolchain with angular-cli

  • Deployment of the  App to the "Cloud"

  • Quick overview of the Angular landscape
    (Ionic2, NativeScript, Electron, Backends, Universal)

You will receive a solid base that allows you to work productively and confidently after training.

We guide you through the web-jungle along a clear path that you can apply productively.



Joint development of the app with short explanations and ongoing support from the two trainers.



Each participant will receive a questionnaire upon registration. We provide individual feedback after the questionnaire is returned. If required, a mini-setup session can be held via remote session before the training (included in the training cost).



The training focuses on best practices with Angular and TypeScript. It is not necessary to know AngularJS, the training is also optimal for AngularJS 1.x developers.


Participants learn how to implement angular applications including the integration of backend systems and of template libraries.

Target audience

The training is equally aimed towards software developers working in the Backend and Frontend areas.

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