Blockchain Developer Workshop Zürich


Are you a developer? Then join the hype train and build a real solution yourself. 
Let us set up a local blockchain and develop your first Smart-Contract.

Together we build project examples step by step and each participant works through each exercise with support.



One Day - 8:30 till 17:00


  • Technical introduction

    • Ethereum Stack

    • Installation and configuration of client (Geth)

    • Interaction with Blockchain via CLI​​

      • Account creation

      • Mining

      • Transfers

    • Start a local blockchain

    • Access via API's (IPC, RPC, Web3)

      • Demo via Webclient​

  • Develop & Deploy Smart Contracts

    • Introduction to the "Solidity" language

    • Use Remix Editor

    • Draft first Smart Contract

    • Deployment on Blockchain

    • Contract works calling the API

After you have completed all the exercises in the training, you will be able to start your Blockchain via Ethereum. 


Participants work with local blockchain and deploy self-developed smart contract.

Target audience

Software developers who want to get started quickly with development of the Blockchain platform (Ethereum).

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