Digital Marketing (English course)


Marketeers in all industries deal with both opportunities and problems of digital transformation and struggle with issues like:

  • What objectives can we achieve through digital marketing?
  • Where should we invest and with what possibility can we measure the performance of these investments?
  • How can we integrate new digital projects with existing marketing programs?
  • How can we develop an appropriate branding strategy in the era of social collaboration?
  • What kind of communication planning should we adopt in real-time communication?
  • What kind of content and engagement should we develop for different platforms, and how do weI coordinate these activities?


Strategies and Concepts
– Online Marketing Strategies
– E-Commerce and E-Shops
– Data-based Marketing
– Branding and Content Marketing
– Social Media  and Influencer                                                                   

Digital Marketing Management
– Major trends in digital technology and communication
Digital strategy and planning
– Google Analytics
– Virtual Marketing Organisation and Budget
– Digital governance an legal rights for E Commerce and Online Marketing

Tools and Campaigns
– E-Mail, Newsletter
– Personalisation, CRM
– Marketing Automation
– Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEA)
– Programmatic and Blockchain Advertising
– Video: Movies, Channels


Participants gain relevant knowledge of important aspects of modern digital marketing.
Main focus: how are online and mobile presentations and campaigns strategically and conceptually initiated and successfully implemented.
The graduates:
- can professionally design online and mobile projects and campaigns
- know all relevant aspects and possible uses of digital marketing
- can develop a digital marketing strategy, create the appropriate concepts and implement them (with agencies, etc.)

Target audience

Marketing and communication professionals as well as employees in the digital sector and people with experience in online marketing

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