Foundations of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust


This beginner-level course developed by EPFL Extension School gives you knowledge, vocabulary and approaches which can help you be more secure online and protect digital privacy. With written lessons, regular quizzes and in-depth case studies, you’ll gain a broad understanding of the language and techniques for more secure use of the internet.

Course Details

  • Fundamentals of security and privacy to make you safer online
  • The files, communications, and protocols that make things work on the Internet
  • What privacy, security and trust mean in the modern digital world
  • How to manage computer and devices, operating systems and software
  • Creating and managing passwords
  • The risks presented in messaging, e-mails and other forms of online communication
  • Types of encryption and other cryptography
  • Configuring home WiFi networks and connected devices
  • Choosing and controlling internet browsers
  • Your data online
  • The data that you share

Target audience

Beginner level 

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