ReactJS Training


React is a modern JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. React is ideal for creating complex Single Page Applications.

React is taking the world by storm. It is one of the most popular frontend libraries and it is widely used by popular companies on the web like Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Twitter and even Apple and Microsoft …

In this course your learn about the power and flexibility of React and how to confidently build applications by leveraging the React ecosystem.



  • The history and context of React as a modern JavaScript library

  • Getting started quickly with the create-react-app CLI

  • Understanding the basics of Single Page Applications build with React and the modern web development toolchain (npm, webpack, ECMAScript 2015+, babel …)

  • Building React components

  • Building applications with the React component architecture

  • Client side routing with React

  • Backend access

  • State-management with the component architecture

  • Advanced state-management with Redux or MobX

  • Advanced tooling with TypeScript, Flow, and ESLint



The course consists of theory-blocks, many demos and hands-on exercises. At the end of the course you will have a repository with many running examples, that you can use as a reference for your own projects.


You understand the concepts of React and learn to build a modern Single Page Application based on React and the React ecosystem.

The course focuses on the frontend and does not make any assumptions about the backend technology.

Target audience

Developers and Architects who want to get to know React.

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