UX Weekend


These are the benefits:

  • You'll understand what UX designers do & how they do it
  • You'll know how to create digital products and services that address real customer needs
  • UX is much more then just an area of expertise, it’s a mindset. After the course, you’ll always approach new ideas with the customer in mind.
  • You’ll receive a certificate issued by Master21 upon successful completion of the course


What you'll learn

  • You’ll get an introduction to the most important approaches, methods and concepts of User Experience
  • You’ll learn how to discover user’s needs, design a prototype and test it.
  • You’ll apply all techniques directly on a case study
  • You’ll understand and apply the 3 main phases of UX: user needs analysis, design and validation
  • In the future, you can use all methods not only to develop user interfaces but also for solving general challenges

How you'll learn

  • Learn from an industry expert: Learn from a leading UX expert, who loves to design new products on a daily basis and who loves to teach.
  • Hands-on: Hands-on, lots of time to practice the tools and techniques of UX
  • Connect with like-minded people: Connect during two days with like-minded people and spend time with the other participants. Every day: unlimited coffee & tea.

Target audience

For people who want a short intro to user experience. You’ll design and test a prototype hands-on within two days. 

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