For visitors:
Who I can contact for questions about the courses?

For all questions about the courses, please contact the owner of the course.

Who can help me if my course is fully booked?

Please contact the owner of the course.

Who can help me if I need more details about a course?

Please contact the owner of the course.

For partner users:
Are you a course provider?

In order to join these are the steps to take:
- Identify whether you have any courses that have digital content (online or offline)
- Contact digitalswitzerland and provide a list of courses and content that you want to upload
- digitalswitzerland will review the courses
- If accepted, then digitalswitzerland will send you a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which lays out the conditions of collaboration
- Once the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed, digitalswitzerland will provide you with the back end access so that you can upload your content and images
- You will be required to update your own information regularly to keep the content attractive.

What system does educationdigital run on?

educationdigital runs on Drupal.

How often should I log into the platform?

You should log in every month, to update pictures, new courses and check that all your content is up to date and showing correctly.

How often can I change the courses on the platform?

As often as you want; you are responsible for your own content.

If I have a problem what do I do?

First see what the problem is. Have you followed all the instructions? Is your picture the right size and format? Etc.
If you cannot solve it, please let one of the digitalswitzerland contacts know.

Does it cost me anything to be on this platform?

Not in terms of cash output. You need someone to administer the backend and ensure that all your courses are relevant and up to date.

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